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The best man speech is one of the most memorable parts of every wedding ceremony. A well-prepared, enjoyable, and sober speech will be remembered for a long time. The speech should mirror the groom’s personality and describes in short what kind of person he is. A great Best man speech is one that makes the bride and the groom feel special and honoured.

Being chosen as a best man reveals that you are a special individual in the life of the groom. Therefore, he expects you to write an exceptional speech that you will deliver with confidence. Your speech will add fun and excitement to the ceremony and will make the happy couple feel proud and honoured.

Your speech should be prepared long before the big day. This is because a confused speech can ruin this great moment. The speech should include special, funny, and memorable moments from the past that you and the groom have shared. Add anecdotes that show the personality of the groom. You should also include some appropriate jokes, and of course, you should be sure not to forget the bride! Practise your speech repeatedly – this will help improve your speechmaking confidence.

Don’t consume too much alcohol before delivering your speech. Nobody wants to hear a drunken speech. You may think it funny but the audience, bride and groom surely won’t. Try to avoid alcohol until after your speech.

When it is time to deliver your speech, it is good to start simply and with due respect. Start with a confident tone and bright introduction to get everyone’s attention. Choose appropriate points to deliver your jokes and funny stories. Make the moment special, funny, touching, and memorable. Do not say anything that will spoil the atmosphere of the special occasion or disrespect the bride or groom. Being a great best man, you should try to keep the audience in good cheer and help make this a memorable occasion for all present. The groom will be proud of you for being his best man.

Finish up your speech in a sentimental and congratulatory tone. Congratulate the bride and groom, salute them for their decision and toast their new life.




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A speech given at a Sikh wedding ceremony in London. The speech recites the verses of the Guru Granth Sahib together with relevant poetry.
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The dream of finding the man to love forever, of walking down the aisle in an elegant gown, and of getting married is one that is probably shared by millions of women from all over the world. Yes, indeed, the happiness that a bride feels cannot be fathomed just by anyone. It is a floating sense of happiness, a one-of-a-kind euphoria that radiates from the bride to the people attending the wedding ceremony. These joys may be expressed by the bride in her wedding speech. Here, now, is a brides speech sample.

For the introductory part of your speech, you may say something along these lines: “Family, relatives, and friends – I greet you all a wonderful afternoon! It may not be traditional for the bride to speak on her wedding day, but then again, I thought that there is no better way to start married life than by thanking the people who helped us get to this point.”

“And so here goes. Thank you to all those people who gave their support and words of encouragement right from the very start. Thank you to all those people who shared bits of wisdom and pieces of advice with us. Thank you to all those people who generously assisted us with the wedding preparations. And thank you to all of you who are gathered here today to help us celebrate this joyous occasion.”

Once you are done thanking and welcoming your guests, you may proceed with your speech saying:  “People say that weddings are a wonderful time when man and woman are bound together as husband and wife with the vow of staying together through all of life’s mishaps, adversities, and challenges. Ladies and gentlemen, today I am blessed to join my soul with this amazing person I call my husband. And so, with all of you as my audience and as the witness to our love, please allow me to express just how thrilled and grateful I am for having such a wonderful guy in my life.”

At this point, the next thing to do is to address your husband and to thank him with these lines: “Dear husband, thank you for loving me and for giving me this fortunate chance to love you back. You have made me the happiest woman in the world when you asked me to marry you. I love you.”

This, now, is a brides speech sample.

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