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Take a deep breath, get out your pencil and paper, and dig right in to the task of honoring the bride and groom on their special day. By following these easy steps, you may surprise yourself at how skilled a writer you actually are.

1. Capture Your Ideas
As the ideas of what you want to communicate and the memories you want to revisit start to swirl around in your brain, let that blank piece of paper start to record the ideas as they come into your head. This is not a time to worry about details, but just enjoy the free associations that come to mind.

2. Prioritize Your Thoughts
With this smattering of words, choose which of the ideas you would want to actually include in your speech. Don’t throw away any ideas yet as they may make wonderful anecdotal comments. If you can remember any speeches you’ve heard, think about what has made them so good that you can actually remember them now.

3. Rewrite Those Gems
Now that there is some form to your ideas, it will probably be easier to edit these into a more formal hardcopy. Check the sequence for time reference, appropriateness, strength. It will probably be easy for you to decide which items to keep and which to discard. The best writing is often the shortest.

4. Try It Out
Now that your speech has been written, actually stand up and deliver it to an imaginary audience. Perhaps in speaking it out loud you will recognize some of the strengths and weaknesses of your written words. Repetition is probably your best friend as your confidence with the material will increase as it becomes more familiar.

5. Oh Mr. DeMille …
Of course the best preparation is to practice delivering your speech in front of others. By getting even just one friend to sit, listen, and watch you, your friend can help you hone your speech. Their comments could be the factors that make or break your speech.
If you have used these steps to create your wedding day speech, you will most likely be ready to set aside your worries and simply enjoy the memorable part you will play in this special day of your friends or relatives.

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“Fail to prepare will always lead to prepare to fail”

When you have been asked to give a wedding speech, it doesn’t matter if you are the best man. the father of the bride, or even the groom himself. Humour will always go down very well with your guests.

But being funny is not enough, even though everyone looks forward to humorous readings at a wedding ceremony, you need to put a small amount of planning in place to ensure you deliver a knockout speech.

Here are 3 top tips to keep you on track and focused, this will give you confidence and a blueprint to make sure everyone is laughing and thirsty for more

Don’t use bad language.
Avoid alcohol before your speech.
Always plan your beginning, middle, and the end of your speech.

Never use bad language or profanity at a wedding reception, you don’t need to be crass to be funny, and remember there could be young children or grand parents in the audience, so keep the weird and dirty jokes out of your speech – yes they go down well on the stag night but what you need today is something a bit more traditional, even funny wedding poetry will go down a storm

It is best to try and avoid alcohol before your speech if possible, the last thing you need is to be slurring your words because you have knocked back a few beers or chasers to give you some Dutch courage, there is no need if you plan what you want to say, by staying on track it will help you release your creativity and come up some really funny jokes and stories about the bride and groom.

when you plan a speech, you need to write a few bullet points on a 3 x 5 card, never read your speech word for word, as it sounds so boring and parrot like, you need some small pointers that will remind you of a funny story about someone or a situation, or joke, and then when you follow the bullet points you can look your audience in the eyes and deliver some great one liners. you need a good opening a humorous middle and a cracking finish, and by using a 3 x 5 card this can be easily achieved.

So there are 3 tips to start you off at your next wedding ceremony, and if you follow the blueprint you will be giving many humorous readings – so knock em dead.

If you found these wedding speech tips useful, visit for more free resources to help you deliver the perfect speech.
Packed with hints, tips and examples of funny wedding toasts to help you prepare for your big speech.

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