There is no rule on who should be the one to do wedding speech jokes. It could be the best man, father of the groom, father of the bride, the groom, or the bride. When writing wedding speech jokes it is alright to include some jokes to add a more personal touch to it. A lot of people who have been delegated to say a speech during a wedding tell a funny story or anecdote to maintain a level of warmth and interest among the guest. This gesture also shows how much the speaker knows about the bride and groom.

There are certain rules though on the kind of joke to say during a wedding. Remember that a wedding is a sacred ceremony. It is when a man and woman vow to serve each other as husband and wife. The stars of the event are the bride and groom and we don’t want to steal the spotlight from them by telling an out of tune joke. No matter how hilarious a joke seems to be it will be inappropriate if it touches the following categories:

It Talks About Past Relationships


We know that most of the time the best man is the groom’s best friend and they both been into a lot of adventures and guy things. The best man usually is the groom’s diary; he knows how many girls he dated, the names of his ex-girlfriends. But please don’t tell a story of your best friend’s past relationships or incorrectly addressing the bride with a name of the groom’s ex-girlfriend just for the sake of being funny. It you think this is cute, it’s not and it might ruin the event.


The Joke Lacks Adequate Research


Don’t tell a joke about the couple, their family members, and other people related to them if you’re not sure if it is true. It won’t hurt to do a little research and personally ask the bride and groom if they will permit you to include the funny anecdote in your speech. This will save you and the wedding.


It Is Out of Context and Not Related to the Event


Do not tell a joke or just include it in your speech just because you want to. Remember you are there to make wedding speech jokes only to add a little kick to it. Your speech should still center on the couple’s wedding.


The most important thing that one must consider when sharing wedding speech jokes is no matter how hilariously funny it gets, it must share a lesson. It must have a moral to ponder by those present during the occasion and especially by two important individuals who are about to share a life together.

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