Truly, there are lots of things to consider when getting married. There are those months of wedding preparations, the wedding itself, and groom wedding speeches. The idea may sound terrifying, but all grooms have gone through this stage and were able to pull through the act triumphantly.


So if you only have a month to prepare and you feel pressured and stressed out just by the thought of speaking to a large crowd, the tips that follow will help ease the tension. These are just easy steps and tips that will surely make groom wedding speeches worthy to listen to and remember:


Take down notes. Your notes should include some information about you and the bride. This can be the first time you met, how you became lovers, or some other remarkable and unforgettable moments you shared together before saying “I do.” Remember to pick only one or two episodes in your lives as the inclusion of three or more will make your speech confusing.

Keep it light and easy. Do away with serious talks as this would bore your audience to death. Going serious is fine, but you must at least inject some funny lines to keep your audiences’ attention glued your way. Keep it lively with few clean jokes in it and make sure you consider your different audiences’ views, opinions, and ages.

Make an outline. You may find it difficult to come up with good words to say, but words will eventually flow once you start writing. So remember to make an outline and keep the contents clear and understandable. This is the only way to come up with good groom wedding speeches. If you still find it challenging, you can always look for online references or take it from those who have been there and done that.

Address your parents and the bride’s as well. Acknowledging and thanking your parents and parents-in law is considered of great importance. Thank your parents for what you have become. Also, show gratitude to the bride’s parents for raising such wonderful woman as your wife. There’s nothing better than showing appreciation for your parents that will get the audience to appreciate your speech.

Remember to say something nice and special about your bride and wife. This final step shouldn’t be hard for you. It’s something that should come out naturally. Begin by thanking your wife for coming into your life, say how important she is to you and let her feel your undying love for her. Do this and make her feel happy as well as the rest of the people who have come to celebrate your joyful union.

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