Maid of honor wedding toast is usually given by the closest and best friend of the beautiful bride. In most cases, the maid of honors are either the best friend or sister of the bride. Either ways, you are here because you are chosen to be the maid of honor of your best friend’s wedding. The problem is you want to make a good speech that will surely knock off the feet of your listeners. Of course, you also wish to please the lovely bride. Hence, you pay attention to the details below to make a very interesting speech. Writing a maid of honor wedding toast is a fun part of the wedding reception wherein you can showcase positive things about the couple.

The maid of honor is one of the few people who know some secrets, dreams and wishes of the bride. Use that advantage when sharing things about her. You can reveal her biggest dreams that she wanted to attain for so long. You may also give some statements about how she felt the first time she met her husband. Anything you can share that most people do not know is a great thing to include in your speech. But make sure you will not embarrass the bride or hurt the feeling of others especially her groom.

As chosen to be part of the entourage and in giving speech, make most of your time impressing the guests. Generally, you will be the first one honored to lead the wedding toast. So you have to put extra effort in giving your speech and grab everyone’s attention. It is your duty and responsibility to give a very blessed and wonderful toast for the newlyweds.  Proposing a toast in a lively and exciting manner is what you need to attain before you end your speech.

Concluding a very special wish as you finish your maid of honor wedding toast is a priceless offer you can grant to the couple. The delivery of speech is definitely a big opportunity which you cannot refuse. Participating in the giving of wedding speeches is a favor you can give to your best friend.

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The big day was approaching and I needed to find maid of honor speeches for my sisters wedding . My sister asked me to be her maid of honor, and I didnt want to disappoint her. I wanted to make the whole family erupt in laugher while at the same time pleasing everyone with an emotional speech.

I consulted her on some of my ideas without ruining the surprise of my entire speech and did keep some of it a secret. Knowing the direction of the wedding speech I should take really helped after talking with my sister, Kristin.

What To Say

My sister, who was on cloud nine at this time, had the bride speech finished months ago when she first become engaged, and our father was beginning to panic because he still needed to complete the father of the bride speech. My maid of honor speech as great because I took the necessary steps to ensure it was including finding direction by talking it over with those who are also speaking so there would be no repitition in what was said at the wedding. Nothing is more boring than a speech literally repeated twice in front of a large group of people.

Sometimes speeches are combined so there is no mistake of repetition. I have been to a lot of wedding where the wedding speech was delivered and composed by both the bride and groom.

The Perfect Speech

When we discussed my speech we were able to remember more ideas and stories of how we grew up together. By brainstorming with my sister Kristin I not only was able to uncover the details of many stories I had forgotten but realized just how amazing my sister really was.

When we did talk we also were able to put together similar stories but with our own point of views on the topic to make them more entertaining and exciting. No one wants to hear the same story from the same point of view so my maid of honor speech put a whole new spin on her story.

To get it right sharing ideas with my sister to come up with maid of honor speeches really helped me out. Instead of struggling to come up with ideas I suddenly had so many that I just needed to organize them in a concise fashion. Read more about other speech examples.

My dear friend Diana Taylor has a special site with killer maid of honor speeches . You will find her tips on speaking at http://maidofhonorspeechesreview.info really helpful especially if you are stuck.

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Marriage is a social union or legal contract between two people, which creates kinship by joining them together in front of a legal authority or in front of God and by exchanging marriage vows to stay together through all of life’s ups and downs. A reception takes place afterwards, and it is during this time that the maid of honor and the best man, among others, deliver a wedding speech. Here, now, is a maid of honor speeches sample.

For the introductory part of your speech, you may say something along these lines: A pleasant evening, ladies and gentlemen! I look at you and I see wonder. A lot of you, I know, have been asking yourselves “Who is she and what is she doing there?” Well, for your benefit, please allow me to introduce myself. I am, ladies and gentlemen, the bride’s best friend and maid of honor. And so, I stand here today to welcome you all in this celebration, of course, on behalf of the bride and groom.”

“Also, let me extend our deepest and sincerest gratitude to all of you for finding the time to be here. I know how much this means so much for our newly weds here that you found time to bless this joyous occasion with your presence.”

“Now, to the bride and groom, this I say to you – congratulations! I’ve seen you together during the best and worst times, and I’ve seen how just how much you love each other. It’s no wonder that you got here – that you vowed to be together for the rest of your lives. To the bride, my bestest friend in the whole world, I am truly happy for you. You deserve this – finding the man who will love you forever and the man with whom you choose to spend the rest of your life with. I believe that a pretty amazing and blessed life awaits the both of you, and for that I am thrilled and glad.”

“To the groom, may I request you to please take care of your wife. She is the kindest and most loving person I know, and she deserves to be cherished and taken care of. Please be true to her at all times. On that note, I propose a toast. To the bride and groom. May you have a dozen kids, a great family, and a long and lasting marriage!”

This, now, is a maid of honor speeches sample.

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