Writing a best man speech may be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Just about everyone is afraid of public speaking and the formal environment of a wedding can add to that fright. Here are a few tips when you are writing a best man speech.

1. Keep it short. We have all attended events where someone stands up and talks for ten minutes about nothing and loses the whole audience. Between 2-4 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a best man speech.

2. Write it out in advance. This will give you time to practice, memorize, and perfect your speech. The more time you give yourself the better your speech will be.

3. Make notes. Especially if you are nervous speaking in front of a crowd notes can be a tremendous help. If you forget part of your speech you can look down at your notes and pick up where you left off.

4. Introduce yourself and how you know the bride and groom. Not only does this eat up some of the time for your speech but its unlikely that everyone in the room will know who you are. A good idea is to include how you meet the bride and groom and how long you have known them for.

5. Thank the parents and guest. It is a tradition that the best man thank the guests for attending and the parents for making it possible.

6. Talk your buddy up. Tell the crowd about his loyalty, how he has always been there, or how much he loves the bride. Speak of the groom as he is the greatest man on the planet even though as his best man you probably know otherwise.

7. Tell a story. Everyone loves a good story. Talk about an experience you remember having with the groom adding tasteful jokes. This should be included in the middle of the speech and make sure it is not making him look bad and is appropriate for the crowd.

8. Propose a toast. This is the most important part of your speech. After all this speech is often called the best man’s toast. You can add a quote or speak from the heart but the most important part is to congratulate the new bride and groom.

Writing a best man speech can be easier than you ever thought by following these tips. If you want some best man jokes, toasts, and speech examples for free than please visit Also as a best man you will have other duties other than the speech. To view these and learn the secrets on how to be a great best man than visit

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“Fail to prepare will always lead to prepare to fail”

When you have been asked to give a wedding speech, it doesn’t matter if you are the best man. the father of the bride, or even the groom himself. Humour will always go down very well with your guests.

But being funny is not enough, even though everyone looks forward to humorous readings at a wedding ceremony, you need to put a small amount of planning in place to ensure you deliver a knockout speech.

Here are 3 top tips to keep you on track and focused, this will give you confidence and a blueprint to make sure everyone is laughing and thirsty for more

Don’t use bad language.
Avoid alcohol before your speech.
Always plan your beginning, middle, and the end of your speech.

Never use bad language or profanity at a wedding reception, you don’t need to be crass to be funny, and remember there could be young children or grand parents in the audience, so keep the weird and dirty jokes out of your speech – yes they go down well on the stag night but what you need today is something a bit more traditional, even funny wedding poetry will go down a storm

It is best to try and avoid alcohol before your speech if possible, the last thing you need is to be slurring your words because you have knocked back a few beers or chasers to give you some Dutch courage, there is no need if you plan what you want to say, by staying on track it will help you release your creativity and come up some really funny jokes and stories about the bride and groom.

when you plan a speech, you need to write a few bullet points on a 3 x 5 card, never read your speech word for word, as it sounds so boring and parrot like, you need some small pointers that will remind you of a funny story about someone or a situation, or joke, and then when you follow the bullet points you can look your audience in the eyes and deliver some great one liners. you need a good opening a humorous middle and a cracking finish, and by using a 3 x 5 card this can be easily achieved.

So there are 3 tips to start you off at your next wedding ceremony, and if you follow the blueprint you will be giving many humorous readings – so knock em dead.

If you found these wedding speech tips useful, visit for more free resources to help you deliver the perfect speech.
Packed with hints, tips and examples of funny wedding toasts to help you prepare for your big speech.

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On your special day you need a guarantee that not only wills this not happen at your reception but that your wedding band for hire is the one of the talking points of the day for years to come.


Your wedding day is without question one of the most important days of your life. Everything from the ceremony to the food and reception has got to be perfect. Wedding band hire is no exception, they have got to be top notch. Quite often the band you choose can be the difference between an amazing wedding and just an average one.


Deciding between loads of bands, budgets, styles of music, set lists, types of bands that are going to appeal to everyone’s tastes can be very confusing.


Here are five top tips from one of the countries leading experts in live wedding entertainment to help you make sure you get it right.




A lot of couples start by booking the wedding dress/suits, venue, catering, flowers etc. and then allot the remaining budget to hiring a band. With all bands for wedding, it is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. If your budget is under £1000 then our advice would be quite simple; DO NOT bother having a band. Spend the money on a really good DJ or Quartet. A band that cost £600, cost that for a reason… because they are not very good.




Word of mouth recommendations from family and friends who have used a good agency or seen a good band at previous functions are always a good way of starting the whole process off. Send a block e-mail to all your family and friends for wedding party band recommendations. Just make sure you trust their musical taste and judgement! From your initial research try to whittle the bands down to a favourites list of 3-5 and then take some time to agree on one that you both like.




A lot of the top bands do not play public performances but a good agency should be able to provide you with a live music sample or video. On the better web sites you can download live performances and burn them onto CD to listen to on a good stereo system. They should also be able to provide you with up to date testimonials and photos.




Check out the bands set list to make sure that the style of music is what you are looking for. All of the top bands should be experts at getting a crowd of mixed ages on the dance floor, but some will be rock based, some funk or disco….choose one that suits your tastes. It is also a good idea to highlight songs that you really do and do not want played at the reception.




If you book directly with a single band it often means that you have little come back if something goes wrong or you need to find a last minute replacement. A reputable agency will have a good web site, with contracts, up to date testimonials for the band and generally put your mind at ease over all the logistics. They will have been through the process thousands of times before and know all the necessary logistical arrangements and pitfalls in arranging the music you want.

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