On February 23rd, Chris Downey had the pleasure of helping create the wedding present of a life-time. It was Bradley Bredeweg’s dream to surprise his best fr…

FLUFFED THE OPENING LINE. My Best Man Speech at my friends wedding. Good times and one of the greatest fun filled days in my life. A bit of fun and British h…
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35 Responses to Best Wedding Speech Ever- Britney, Better Work Bitch

  • Francis Hartojo says:

    Nice choreography. They must’ve rehearsed for quite a while.

  • Eddie Going says:

    How sad to feel like you need to make someone else’s wedding about YOU…

  • Artpop Hybrid says:

    people this is what you MUST have a gay friend ;)

  • ActivelyAging says:

    Plot twist : He’s not actually gay

  • ironcolossus4 says:

    and all of them dance better than Britney…

  • sephizinho says:

    Gay guy making a wedding about himself in my hatefull eyes

  • RogerJaen says:

    And this is what happens when you watch too much glee.

  • Julio Salinas says:

    The guy with the sleeve is so f’n sexy. He should be part of the Vegas

  • Adam Grumbo says:

    Nice Audio Quality White Willow ;-)

  • TheCharmedTributes says:

    Godney gracing your wedding! This was amazing! #WORKBITCH

  • Kyle Puccia says:

    This is great fun!!

  • MsMaryam1979 says:

    Good work Bitches!!!

  • Justin Myers says:

    *You betta work bitch!*

    This is awesome! I hope someone does this for my wedding. Haha

    #britneyspears #workbitch 

  • Gwyneth Pocock says:

    WOW – what a wedding surprise. I always remember my daughter’s +Katherine
    Lowe wedding. The best man corpsed and mumbled and couldn’t say his speech
    so her Dad came to the rescue! He had had a load of blank keys distributed
    around the hall, giving them to men of all shapes and sizes, ranging from
    young – to very old, think to fat. He then gave the speech “Well yes, I do
    understand my daughter is very pretty, and has been very popular with the
    men, but you must understand, that now she is getting married, I will need
    the house keys back.” Then throughout the meal, a trickle of men, to a
    torrent – took turns to walk to the front and drop them into a metal dish
    (with a clatter!). She was angry at first, but then began to see the funny
    side as a octogenarian with a stick, dropped his keys into the bowl. A very
    good #wedding prank. Let’s hear it for her Dad!

  • romcomfan says:


  • Godneyproductionss says:

    That was the cutest thing ever!!

  • Rebekah Hutson says:

    Black guy was working it tho 

  • Dallas_Red says:

    TY for sharing this…I have just enjoyed this so very much…(((HUGS))) I
    needed the laughter..and you made my evening.

  • roquefortaddict says:

    Best on youTube, you should hire yourself out as a professional Best Man
    speech writer!

  • Krnex k says:

    yo the way she looks at the speech guy lol, they fucked hahaha i know man

  • Sony William says:

    Banging and Screwing hahahahaha …

  • Gabbriel Nyström says:

    your buddy seemed a bit unpleasant with your speech hahaha, well done sir
    and I wish you and the grooms the best :)

  • James S says:

    I’m sure it’s great, but from early on that baby crying does my f**king
    head in!! 

  • JadeMusic says:

    My cousin had her reception there aww

  • Boby Gandhi says:

    brilliant speech!

  • J Ford says:

    lol pure class

  • Khaleesi00 says:


  • yaseen gani says:

    nailed it! fab ! 

  • 1650million says:

    Very funny mate

  • Pure Vibez says:

    bloody hell good tips though i have done a speach before but it last around
    3 minutes … Watching this has made speaches become more easy i think

  • Mark Scotthorne says:

    So wished I had watched this before my brothers wedding….excellent speech

  • instantramen says:

    imagine how much he makes his wife and family laugh. i hope i find someone
    as funny as him someday!

  • Rahul Dhuria says:

    What was your list of “Wedding Advice”?

  • dloverise says:

    Yeah…these are stock lines. He got this from a website. 

  • Nazareth Munoz says:

    OMG, Love this guy!!! Laughed so hard!! The Elmo pic was awesome!!!


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