The speech Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark made to his bride, Mary Donaldson, at their May 14 2004 wedding. **Copyrights to DR Denmark**

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17 Responses to Frederik of Denmark’s Wedding Speech

  • Shjne International says:

    “Frederik of Denmark’s #Wedding Speech” find out what the Crown #Prince
    Frederik of #Denmark felt and promised his wife on his wedding day.

  • Gaggy Mott says:

    Oh, my dear Crown Prince, how awefully soppy and nauseating: ‘You are the
    sunshine of my life’ comes to mind, rather than a Danish Royal
    Wedding……..Sickening, ad nauseum!!

  • Sharmaine Moana says:

    yaayyyyyy loved this! best couple <3333 lovely story :DD

  • kbmls3 says:

    He’s adorable!

  • WeBtEsTdUmMiE says:

    Since you are so clever – why don`t you write to me in Danish?

  • WeBtEsTdUmMiE says:

    Yes I have watched, the clip you mention – everybody in Denmark has –
    theres noting unusual in that, just common Danish homour LOL But Jon
    Stewart is the BEST!No wonder that this clip is going worlwide, and people
    ROFL. I must admit that watching that queenthing on a floating device, that
    made my day LOL…ROFL, I`m just so happy I`ve got the chance to watch how
    equlibrist puppets look like when they`re paralyzed.Thanx for showing me
    the Æ,Ø and Å sign. They only exist on Danish keyboards. LMAO

  • amal samat says:

    i love the speech!!!so romantic.. i love this wed and crown princess
    Victoria of Swedish’s wed..they are genius compared to British royal

  • danielkol says:

    Very limited emotions on Mary. Gold digger?

  • Mamawaldi07 says:

    Got caught partying with some blonde at a club. Good for him. A prince
    should always have a mistress or two up his sleave

  • EpicBacon says:

    I agree.

  • danielkol says:

    To those interested, he probably didn’t write his speech.

  • ggu2b says:

    Vidunderligt den dag Frederik fik sin smukke brud…Mary, du gør os alle
    lykkelige <3

  • EC912 says:

    @FergusMcDopey I shall visit Denmark one day when he is the king there.

  • Frischfischfabrik says:

    @EvanC0912 That very much depends on what languages you master. If any of
    those are Norwegian or Swedish, you’re well on your way. German or English
    will get you some of the way too. If you do not know any Germanic
    languages, there’s a long way to go. Usual hardships when learning Danish
    seems to occur with pronunciation, at least compared with languages where
    you just have to learn a simple alphabet, and then you’re basically done.

  • TheSapphiress says:

    Something about mary gives me the creeps – she just does not seem genuine.
    Freddy is no doubt head over heels in love, but she comes off as
    narcissistic and fake. There’s something creepy and calculating about her.
    i don’t like her at all

  • Shanniquitie says:

    @gos11387 they are lovely, but everyone knows that the throne of england is
    the only important one left on earth

  • lordshenley says:

    I’m gay and I really fancy him


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