Louis at a wedding –On the Bonus Show: Books bound in human flesh, Japan’s penis festival, A man uses his girlfriend’s passport to travel, more… Website: http://www.davidpakman.com…
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With blackout Dom LoVoi assisting.
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13 Responses to Louis Makes a Wedding Speech

  • papersplease says:

    This is very uninteresting.

  • Mikanojo says:

    Oh such sad comments under this video. Forget about that. THANK YOU for
    sharing this little bit of personal life with us! Please share more, both
    of you, if you feel comfy with it? OKI so maybe not Grace Helbig level
    sharing.. but i do like getting to see other sides of you ( ^_^ )

  • Mike McGinley says:

    That could’ve been part of your indiegogo campaign. Donate [Enter dollar
    amount here], and have David make a speech at your wedding! lol

  • RavenKicksBack says:

    these guys take alot of vacation 

  • strandwolf says:

    Louis has all the charisma of a limp cabbage leaf. He makes David come
    across like Jim Carrey so I guess he serves a use on this channel after

  • Lee Daniels says:

    That would have been interesting to see. I wish he had a video of it!.

  • Raphael Hetherington says:

    This is hilariously tongue in cheek

  • Michael LaRue says:

    Hope Louis’s speech was a bit more articulate and original then he usually
    is on the show.

  • PixelDansIronFist says:

    So which of the grooms asked you to speak?
    JK. I just had to given the audience you seem to attract.

  • Merdoc Avila says:

    What happen to natan

  • David Longland says:

    Inevitably David?
    At whose wedding(s) I wonder.

  • Fearose says:

    challenged accepted 

  • strandwolf says:

    Hey David could you maybe touch up that dark spot on your adam’s apple with
    some powder? It looks like one of those hipster “soul tips” nerds grow on
    the front of their chins, and is quite distracting. Okay, repulsive almost;
    I beseech unto thee to remedy this flagrant disregard of grooming decorum.


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